Our Approach


Survey Warehouse Pty is committed to quality, capacity development, and lesson learning and sharing through all the projects it undertakes.

We continually seek feedback from clients and use it to improve our consultancy and management performance. We provide regular opportunities for continued professional development in which all our technical staff and consultants are expected to participate. Each consultant put forward to a client is quality assured. All our technical staff have spent significant working in poor countries and understand the constraints inherent in such work.

Capacity development

Our aim is to help agencies and institutions deliver good quality services. We have experience working at different health sector levels from ministries to professional organizations, private practitioners and civil society. We use a variety of methods to achieve this aim depending on the capacity needs, appropriateness and the intended recipient. We also work with local institutions to build capacity of students in

 Lesson learning and sharing

We are committed to generating and disseminating knowledge based on our experience. We also analyses and synthesize knowledge generated by others.

Scientific and evidence based approach to service delivery

We believe in science driven approaches to solving public health problems and provision of general service. We believe on extensive use of data to in decision making.

 Sustainability of interventions through multi-sectoral approach to problem solving

We believe in involvement various stakeholders/participants in the process of designing, collecting data and drawing conclusions. We also understand that wide stakeholder involvement brings a stronger sense of ownership of the intellectual outcome of work done and it becomes highly likely that stakeholders will act on the recommendations. Hence we use participatory approaches during the adaptation of the different assignments.

 Integration of services

We believe in integrating our work to all our clients for cost effectiveness and capacity building. This also builds into our approach to institutional capacity building and sustainability of interventions with supported organization. We want to do it for a stipulated period and let the organization to it itself in the future.

 Provide unique service delivery package

We affiliate and partner with different academic institutions locally and abroad to ensure that our work is globally and contextually relevant. We guarantee all spheres of work are covered for all work done.


Customer oriented approach to service delivery

We serve the client at all costs. Our priority is to keep the client satisfied with the work done without compromising the quality of the work done.


Timely service delivery transparency and accountability

We are big on timeliness of on service delivery. We have highly motivated staff that ensures timely follow ups and contacts with our clients for timely delivery. We believe on what you see is what you get with us. There are no hidden costs to our service charge and in all our interactions the client will be assigned a focal person to handle all queries and follow ups.


Survey Warehouse Pty. is a private company incorporated in the Kingdom of Swaziland in 2015. Survey Warehouse Pty. provides health sector consultancy.

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